Recover Data from Windows 8

Lost all your files from Windows 8!! This may result when you accidentally format or delete the files in Windows 8 system or due to other reasons like file registry errors, partitioning errors etc. Other scenarios under which the data loss/deletion might take place on Windows 8 system are listed below: System Crash System crash […]

Restore Data from Deleted Partition

Generally, hard drive is always been divided into several parts and each part is called a partition. Sometime, you may accidentally delete existing partition while creating new partition on your drive. Deleting partitions makes the data inside them unavailable to the operating system. However the data itself is not destroyed at the point of deletion […]

Data Recovery after USB Flash Drive not Recognized

I freshly bought a USB flash drive and it was not even recognizable in my friend’s computer! If the USB flash drive was from famous brand and was first time used. Then there is no need to get worried about the flash drive. The most possible reasoning would be that the computer to which it […]