Damaged CF Card Data Recovery

You would have stored precious photos and videos of your birthday party or your marriage reception in the CF card. But due to some reasons, Compact Flash card gets corrupted and become inaccessible. Hence, you lost access to all the photos and other files stored on your CF card. Corruption may occur under unavoidable situations which you might not have been aware of.

When Compact Flash card gets corrupted, you may get some error messages like “CF card corrupted, Cannot access the card” or “Card not formatted, would you like to format it now?” etc., while trying to access it. At such situation, you may think that the file loss is permanent and it can never be retrieved. But, the truth is, you can restore files from corrupted CF card using Remo Recover software.

Reasons for CF card Corruption:

  • Removing the Compact Flash card forcibly without following proper ejection method from the device while read and write process is going on.
  • Using the same Compact Flash card in multiple devices may result in corruption.
  • Using the CF card continuously in the cameras even after low battery indication, may corrupt the card and makes it inaccessible.
  • If the file system of CF card gets corrupt due to any reasons, then also whole card become inaccessible.

Apart from corruption scenarios, there are some other reasons due to which you may lose files from CF cards such as accidental formatting of the Compact Flash card or deleting the file unknowingly, using format card option in the camera, not formatted errors and interruption during file transfer, etc. The file loss from the corrupted memory card is not a permanent one. You can use Remo Recover to restore data from corrupted CF card.

Easily restore files from corrupted CF card!

Remo Recover offers faster recovery of media files from corrupted CompactFlash card. It is embedded with advanced algorithms which deep scans the cards which are corrupted due to any reason and recovers photos and almost all the popular media files with utmost ease. Not just, corrupted Compact Flash card, even possible to restore data from formatted CF card. Beside this, the tool even supports file recovery from various types of memory cards like SD card, XD card, MMC, memory stick, etc.

Along with memory cards, you can also restore files from system hard drive, external hard drive, pen drives, iPod, etc. The application will help you in other data loss situations also like accidental deletion of files, files lost due to transfer errors, etc.

Popular brands of CF card supported:

Some of the brands of Compact Flash card supported by Remo Recover software are Kingston, Sony, SanDisk, Samsung, and Transcend, HP, Toshiba, and Dell etc.

Safety measure to prevent file loss from CF card:

  • Use “Safely Remove Hardware” option while ejecting Compact Flash card when it is connected to other devices
  • Take periodical backup of important files so that it will be helpful when CF card gets corrupt
  • Avoid using the same Compact Flash card in multiple devices which prevents the data loss

Added Advantages of using Remo Recover software:  

  • It helps to retrieve data from  FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT, HFSX and HFS+ formatted partition and drives
  • Once the lost or deleted files are recovered, it can be sorted on the basis of their type, creation date or size, etc.
  • It also has “Find” option which you can use to locate the files easily from recovered list
  • “Save Recovery Session” option is used to save the recovery process and to avoid rescanning of the drive
  • The “Preview” option is used to assess the data obtained after the recovery process
  •  “File type view”  helps to view the file based on their file extension and “Data type view” to view the files in a hierarchical format after recovery
  • If you have insufficient storage space then you can compress the recovered files into a zip file and store it to any desired location.
  • You can save the recovered files in other storage devices like CD/DVD, pen drive, external hard drive, etc.

Note– Whenever CF card gets corrupt, stop using it immediately. And also not format or attempt to delete any data from it.