Open Source Tools to Import Emails to Gmail

If you are stuck using other email service and you want to move to Gmail account then, moving all your emails to Gmail will be a big headache for you, right? So, today Google have open sourced two software namely importer and import mailbox which will help you move your emails in much easier way.

These tools can easily transfer all old mails from another email service to your new Gmail account without any difficulties. Here is what the team said about the open source tools:

Mail Importer Tool

If you have a Thunderbird mail account then you can easily move emails from it to Gmail using Mail Importer. Make use of mail importer for Gmail which will easily upload all the contents of Thunderbird mail archive to Gmail. It will do its best to preserve the read state, flagged state and folders of the message. Soon after the process gets over, your Gmail will have exact copy of all mails including attachments and header.

Import Mailbox to Gmail

If you are a Google Apps administrator trying to import all your users’ old mbox files into Google App for work, then make use of Import Mailbox tool to move mails to Gmail. It is based on Python script that will do imports of multiple mailboxes in bulk into multiple accounts in a domain. It’s admin-managed, so your users don’t have to individually import their archives.

Mail Importer and Import mailbox tools are the open source tool which is available on GitHub for free. You can get these tools by just logging to the site. Currently both the tools are in early development. Thus, it is not user friendly in any ways for novice users. They should be executed using command line based codes. If you are not developer then, you may want to stay away from these tools.

Suppose, you have lots of emails from another email service and at any cost you need to move it into Gmail account then one good thing you can do is by hiring a IT person who can guide you using these tools.