Prominent Software to Recover Photoshop File

I lost Photoshop file from my desktop. Is it possible to recover the file without any technical glitch?

It should be known that people have been facing this problem right from the inception of such applications like Adobe Photoshop. People may take hours to create a perfect Photoshop document and later lose it one way or the other. Out of the various ways by which user loses file, deletion is the most common of all. Some files may be deleted by user referring it to be improper at some instant of time and later user would want the same file to refer ideas from past deleted file. Another common instant is that user wants to delete unwanted files but happens to delete those Photoshop file which is important to the user. These situations require usage of appropriate third party application to perform recovery of data. Most of the users get confused about the selection of third party application, if you are also among those users then software recommended by top recovery experts is Remo Recover. IF we consider the geographical aspect, this software has been in use in most of the continents and is preferred for recovery of Photoshop files.

Credible features:

Remo Recover boasts of some of the finest features which any other software would like to have. It can recover video, audio and photo files in short period of time. All versions of Adobe Photoshop application are compatible with this renowned software. This Photoshop file recovery software provides perfect recovery without negotiating the original hues and colors of the original Photoshop file. Features like file preview enable user to decide which files are required to be recovered at immediate effect and which are not required to be recovered later by viewing photos prior to recovery. Most of the versions of Windows operating system are compatible with this awesome software. Remo Recover consumes only small fraction of computer storage space.

Steps to recover Photoshop file:

  • Start the software in your computer and select “Recover Photos” option.
  • After this select either “Recover Lost Photos” or “Recover Deleted Photos” depending on the way Photoshop file became inaccessible to the user.
  • Choose the appropriate drive from which photo got deleted or lost.
  • If user is not able to remember the drive, then select the file based on file type.
  • Initiate the scanning process and wait for a while.
  • Once recovery gets completed save the recovered file in appropriate location.

Scenarios in which recovery is essential:

Photoshop file can get lost from the computer, if user has accidentally quit Photoshop application. User should be able to recognize the file and save it prior to exiting out of the application. Next, file can also get lost if user performs shut down of system without saving the file. Virus attack is a major epidemic for computers and Photoshop file can be the victim if not saved from antivirus software. Antivirus helps in removing virus from computer during periodic scanning process. If some how user forgets to take necessary action, then recovery software is the way to get back file.