What is Time Backup Machine

Time machine is a backup software application used by Apple OS X operating system. It was basically introduced in Mac OS X Leopard. Time Machine provides virtual clocks that transits applications into the future as well as in the past. Since it is transparent to applications there is no need for code modifications and system clock is never modified to do time shifting. Let’s understand how time backup machine help in user point of view

Understanding Time Machine

Time Machine will copy the files from your computer to a location which can be external hard drive, extra partition on your computer or Apple’s new time capsule device. Every hour thereafter, the software program will run again for updating the backup which includes file that has been changed since last time.

Let’s understand how Time Machine takes backup of your applications:

  • Produces Many Backups: It automatically takes hourly backup for 24hours. It even produces daily backups for the past month, and weekly backups for all the previous months. The older backup is deleted when backup drive is full.
  • Restore Files: For retrieving the files or folders from your backup, simply click on the Time Machine icon. Use the Timeline to the right so as to zoom in a particular file or folder and click Restore for required file
  • Restore Entire Disk: It will restore entire disk to its original state in the way it was present in past

More about Time Machine

It is even possible to restore your hard drive with the help of Time Machine backup in case of major crash. Time Machine has the capability to manually browse backup volume without using Time Machine interface. This feature is feasible because of hard links that presents each backup to the user.

Time machine has the basic requirement on backup storage medium. It supports the following configurations:

  • A hard drive or partition directly connected to the computer either by a USB or formatted as journaled HFS+
  • Drive which is shared by Apple Time Capsule on the networks